Cone Queen

Cone Queen

If you’ve ever tried to eat a traditional pizza while on the move, you’ll appreciate the genius of Cone Queen. It’s a regular pizza, rolled up and served in a cone shape. Easy to hold, easy to eat and completely delicious.

This simple twist on pizza is the trademark dish and it’s earned recognition for Cone Queen as one of the best street food operators in our region. In 2019, Cone Queen won the Street Food prize for Yorkshire and the Humber region in the National Market Traders’ Federation Young Trader of the Year awards. It was also previously named by food blog The Antler as one of the top street food sellers in the country.

Always innovative, it’s a good idea to check what’s on the menu before you visit. Immediately post-lockdown, for example, Cone Queen’s hungry customers were going equally wild for a menu takeover that focused on seriously loaded fries, topped with margherita, garlic mushrooms, Hunter’s chicken and more.

Twitter: @queen_cone

Facebook: @conequeencatering